The Design Research Society is a learned society committed to promoting and developing design research worldwide.
Further Information about the Design Research Society can be found on the DRS Website along with details about how to become a member. An archive of DRS Newsletters from 1968-1999 can be viewed on this website, which includes information about early DRS conferences.
About DRS
About DRS
About DRS

Previous conferences

  • 1998
    Quantum Leap, Birmingham, UK

  • 1984
    The Role of the Designer, Bath, UK

  • 1982
    Design Policy, London, UK

  • 1980
    Design Science Method, Portsmouth, UK

  • 1978
    Architectural Design, Istanbul, Turkey

  • 1976
    Changing Design, Portsmouth, UK

  • 1974
    Problem Identification for Design, Manchester, UK

  • 1973
    The Design Activity, London, UK

  • 1972
    Design and Behaviour, Birmingham, UK

  • 1971
    Design Participation, Manchester, UK

  • 1967
    Design Methods in Architecture, Portsmouth, UK

  • 1965
    The Design Method, Birmingham, UK

  • 1964
    The Teaching of Engineering Design, Scarborough, UK

  • 1962
    Conference on Design Methods, London, UK