CN12 - Shifting Perspective of Aesthetics

Conveners: Monica Lindh Karlsson, Aditya Pawar, & Søren Rosenbak

The aim of this conversation is to inquire taken-for-granted foundations for design aesthetics, often informed by semantics and the social order established around the privileged designer. Hence, the conversation is set up to disrupt former social orders and support shared conversation about the nature of questions we need to ask in order to respond to the shift in design aesthetics. The session is structured around group work, with each group’s discussion revolving around a given disruption: Capitalism, the Anthropocene, and technocentrism. Key to the conversation will be conversation-triggers in form of media and creation of ‘narratives’ that represent what kind of questions can be asked and what kind of answers we aim for. The purpose is to inspire diverse discussions around ways we can push for the kinds of aesthetics that align with democratic meaning-making, rather than the idea of universal modernist functionality. 

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