CN14 - Divergence and convergence in graphic design and communication design

Conveners: Robert Harland, Veronika Kelly, Karel van der Waarde, & Eamon Spelman

Academics have recently explored establishing two education networks in graphic design and communication design, one respectively in the UK and the other in Australia. However, although based on similar concerns, beliefs and aspirations, the two networks have assumed different names.

For some, graphic design and communication design are interchangeable terms. For others, they mean different things. This may be confusing for some in a higher education sector that has continually evolved and expanded in recent decades.

This Conversation will explore the similarities and differences between graphic design and communication design through group work. The formation of these networks will be briefly outlined, and delegates will then work together to identify how various defining qualities – competencies, knowledge, skills, activities, functions – differentiate graphic design and communication design.

The conversation objective is to establish where there are converging and diverging interests, and where there needs to be further research into differentiation. Exploring this from a design research perspective will challenge territorial assumptions about practice, theory, and history in graphic design and communication design.

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