CN21 - Lexicon Live: ​Performing the discursive space around keywords

Conveners: Liesbeth Fit, Irene Droogleever Fortuyn, Paolo Patelli, Yoko Akama, & Donato Ricci

Terminology moves fast across conferences, blogs, journals and schools. The conversation we propose is an attempt at making use of the endless ambiguity such volatility produces, to open a productive discursive space. The Design Research Group (Knowledge Circle) of the Design Academy Eindhoven, comprising representatives from Masters, Bachelors  and Readerships, will host a gathering of opinions, positionings and phrasings, around words chosen from the DRS2018 conference materials. As DRS2018 invites design researchers to explore design as a “powerful catalyst for change”, we would like to explore what these words could mean, through a series of “Socratic Dialogues” with participating convenors and delegates of the conference. A Socratic Dialogue can be defined as an attempt to develop a mutual understanding related to a fundamental question through systematic consultation. The outcomes of the conversation will include new notes and entries in the ongoing project Lexicon of Design Research  ( maintained by Design Academy Eindhoven. The structure and the methods proposed are adapted from previous Live Lexicon events organised by the same group in Eindhoven and during Salone del Mobile in Milan 2017.

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