TS03: Designing for Transitions

Tuesday 26 June 11:15 - 12:45
[UL] Kemmy Business School KBG14

Session Chairs: Dan Lockton,  Joanna Boehnert & Ingrid Mulder

Paper 1: Affective Interaction Design at the End of the World
Jonas Fritsch

Paper 2: A Vocabulary for Visions in Designing for Transitions
Dan Lockton & Stuart Candy

Paper 3: Transition-oriented Futuring: Integrated Design for Decreased Consumption amongst Millennials
Swati Srivastava & Alma Leora Culén

Paper 4: Exploring Lost and Found in Future Images of Energy Transitions: Towards a Bridging Practice of Provoking and Affirming Design
Mia Hesselgren,  Elina Eriksson, Josefin Wangel & Loove Broms

Paper 5: Recognizing and overcoming the myths of modernity
Renata M. Leitão