TS40: Philosophical Tools in Design Research: From Empirical Turn to Practical Turn

Thursday 28 June 11:15 - 12:45
[UL] Kemmy Business School KBG11

Session Chair: Wouter Eggink

Paper 1: Philosophy of Technology x Design: The Practical Turn
Wouter Eggink & Steven Dorrestijn

Paper 2: Service Fictions through Actant Switching
Sarah Marie Foley & Dan Lockton

Paper 3: The Use of Philosophy of Technology in Design: A Research-Through-Design Case of Treatment Compliance
Jonne van Belle, Bob Giesberts & Wouter Eggink

Paper 4: Turning Philosophy with a Speculative Lathe: Object Oriented Ontology, Carpentry, and Design Fiction
Joseph Lindley, Paul Coulton & Haider Akmal