WS14: Bridging Brand Strategy and Service Experience Design via a Relationship Metaphor

Tuesday 26 June 14:00 - 18:00
[UL] Foundation Building FB009

Facilitators: Mauricy Motta-Filho, Ksenija Kuzmina, Virpi Roto & Dominika Noworolska

Typically, the focus in Service Design is on the user’s journey, and the link to the organization’s strategy and positioning is easily forgotten. In this workshop we will introduce a Service Design approach that proposes the use of experiential goals as a strategic guide, enabling the development of service experiences that are not only desirable for the customers, but also aligned with the organization’s vision and capabilities. To support this approach, we will use a metaphor to explore and describe the relationship the organization aims at fostering with the customers. Building on the shared understanding created by the Relationship Metaphor, we will facilitate the development of service interactions that are aligned with the experiential goal.

This workshop will equip the participants with the means to design for services that deliver an intended experience to the customer. The session is relevant to students, researchers and professionals interested in the intersection of user experience, service design, branding and semiotics.