DRS Limerick

DRS2018 - Visual Identity Concept

Tuesday 7 Mar 2017

We asked the Visual Communication students in Limerick School of Art and Design to help us develop a fresh identity for DRS2018. The evolution of this innovative project reveals the ingenious idea behind the final brand identity.

At the initial briefing session amongst the visual communications students of the Limerick School of Art and Design, it was mentioned that the term 'catalyst' was going to be used as the theme for the DRS conference in 2018. The students worked in groups and each group generated a proposed concept and design strategy. The chosen concept was by students Selina Kindt and Tamara Stone.

Selina and Tamara developed their proposed concept recognising that designers, and especially those involved in design research, are agents for change – a change that is constant.

With that in mind, and taking the year 2018 as a starting point, Selina and Tamara combined 20 horizontal lines with 18 vertical lines, giving the unique 'DRS Grid'. This grid will be used as the basis for everything created for the visual identity strategy and will be supported by a strong typographic approach and colour palette.

The visual strategy will not be fixed but, instead, will remain in a state of constant flux to provide infinite design solutions, from printed matter through to environmental and interactive elements. This allow users to change or 'warp' the identity as they see fit and adds an element of regeneration or revitalisation throughout the lifetime of the identity.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank Piquant Media, who realised the project by bringing it from concept through to production.

Contact: Selina Kindt selina@kindt.cc and Tamara Stone tamaramariedesign@gmail.com