Conversations - Design as a Catalyst for Change

During DRS2018 we are excited to announce we will host 21 Conversations that represent diverse perspectives, that are experimental in nature and that productively challenge our assumptions of what the topics and forms of design research are or could be.

The aim of the Conversation format is to engage a limited number of attendees in open exchange in arriving at new understandings on a topic. Accepted Conversations focus on the artefacts of design, design theory, methods and process. The range of topics that will be covered during the DRS2018 Conversations sessions includes design pedagogy, ethics, feminism, inclusivity, the politics of design, decoloniality, amongst others.


Online Forum and Dissemination

The DRS2018 Conversations aim to initiate an exchange ahead of the DRS2018 conference. Each Conversation has a dedicated webpage and forum space (links located at the end of each individual Conversation webpage).  The forum discussion for each Conversation has been launched and will be closed one month after the conference concludes to create a record of forum discussions. This webpage is also where the final documentation and dissemination materials (hyperlinks to zines, podcasts) will be displayed.

The Conversation convenors have agreed upon conditions of acceptance to produce a concluding document from their Conversation sessions. A documentation template will be circulated in the week prior to the conference. This template is available here

The deadline for the submission of the concluding document is July 31st 2018.  


The outputs from the Conversation sessions will be coordinated into a temporary exhibition during the DRS2018 conference. The planning for and details of the exhibition will be shared over the coming weeks.


Information for Participants

The DRS2018 Conference Committee have invited delegates to pre-register for Conversation sessions. Pre-registration has been announced, and most sessions have reached full capacity. Please note you must register for the conference to receive this pre-registration link via email. 


If you are unable to attend the DRS2018 conference or a specific Conversation session, the online forum offers the opportunity to participate in and follow all sessions. The dissemination materials will be shared publicly on the the DRS2018 website following the conference.


DRS2018 Conversation session will be 90 minutes or 120 minutes in duration.

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