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On Monday the 25th June 2018, PhD By Design will hold a one-day event prior to the Design Research Society (DRS) 2018 conference at the University of Limerick to vocalise, discuss and work through some of the many issues of conducting a practice-based PhD in Design. The event will bring together designers undertaking practice-based doctoral research as well as supervisors to explore the many aspects of knowledge production within and across academic institutions.

Since 2014,  the PhD by Design platform provides a supportive and engaged environment for design research students in which to share experiences, dilemmas, failures and doubts connected to practice-based research in order to strengthen but also push the boundaries of the wider practice-based design research community.

In connection to the DRS2018 conference which runs from the 25th - 28th June, this one day event will explore how and to what extent design research(ers) can be a catalyst for change. We invite participants to interrogate their role as catalyst of change in relation to their PhD research.


What will happen?

The day will include ten discussion sessions where every participant will present their work, a series of peer-to-peer workshops and the collective production of the fifth PhD By Design Instant Journal bringing together the learnings of the day. The one day event will kick-start start conversations which will continue into the DRS2018 conference in the days following, through a programme of activities and workshops in PhD By Design ‘Hub‘ space in the heart of the DRS2018 conference.


Location and Timings

The PhD By Design event will be held in the main building on the Clare Street campus of Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD) (GPS: 52.664919, -8.613841). This is a 10 minute drive from the main DRS2018 location on the University of Limerick campus. Buses will take PhD By Design participants from the campus residence to the LSAD on Monday morning leaving at 7.45am. 


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