Track Themes

DRS2018 Track Themes

DRS2018: Catalyst

Designing is increasingly taking place in shifting territorial, economic, and policy contexts. DRS2018 will explore emergent themes at the intersections of design research, design practice, design education and design policy. We ask what are the ways in which design research can catalyse progressive change in this emerging world?


DRS2018 Tracks

Data, Technology and Society

Designing with Data, Democratisation through Data
Design, Technology and Society

Ethics and Values

Ethics, Values and Designer Responsibility
Philosophical tools in Design Research: From empirical turn to practical

Multiple Voices

Design, Research and Feminism(s)
Not just from the centre - multiple voices in design
Designing social innovation in cultural diversity and sensitivity

Design for Change

Designing for Transitions

Tools and Practices in Design

Tools of Design
Physical and Digital Materials in Creative Design Practice
The (Act of) Drawing in Design (Research)

DRS Special Interest Groups

Experiential Knowledge (EKSig)
Objects, Practices, Experiences and Networks (OPENSig)
Inclusive Design (Inclusive Sig)
Sustainable Design (Sustainability Sig)
Design for Behaviour Change (Behaviour Change Sig)
Design for Tangible, Embedded and Networked Technologies (TENTSig)

Design Research for Wellbeing, Health and Happiness (SIGWELL)

Design for Subjective Wellbeing
Health and Wellbeing by Design

Design Pedagogy (PedSIG)

Design Education for the General Public
Design Education: Catalysing Design Capability

Design Innovation Management (DIMSIG)

How Organisations Employ Design as Vehicle for Change
The Role of Design in Open Innovation

Conference Presentation And Proceedings

Authors of accepted papers are expected to attend and present their work at the DRS2018 conference. All accepted papers will be published in the online conference proceedings and be available before the beginning of the conference.

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