Design Education: Catalysing Design Capability

Track Chairs

Mike Tovey
Coventry University

Liv Merete Nielse
Oslo and Akershus University College, Norway

Design education is the catalyst for future designers, researchers, and teachers and it is essential that the findings of design research be applied in the development of the design curriculum and other teaching approaches. The aim of the special interest group in design pedagogy is to bring together design researchers, teachers and practitioners, and others responsible for the delivery of design education, and to clarify and develop the role of design research in providing the theoretical underpinning for design education. These aims are not directed simply at one type of design education, but are intended to include all ages and disciplines of designing. 

The scope and range of design education has increased dramatically in recent years. Design is now studied from school level to post-graduate, and both as a discipline on its own and as a way of synthesising and catalysing other disciplines. It can be regarded as a subject which has an international language, and indeed reflects the global identity of professional design practice. To capture the essence of this dynamic identity Design Education: Catalysing Design Capability is the main theme for the design pedagogy strand of the conference.

Indicative References

Tovey, M. (Ed) (2015) Design Pedagogy: Developments in Art and Design Education, Gower Applied Research