Physical and Digital Materials in Creative Design Practice

Track Chairs

Prof. Kim Halskov
Aarhus University

Prof. Bo Christensen
Copenhagen Business School

Prof. Mikael Wieberg
Umea University

In cooperation with

Ass. Prof. Andreas Lund
Umea University

Ass. Prof. Michael Mose Biskjaer
Aarhus University

Postdoc. Nicolai B. Hansen
Aarhus Univers

The objectives of the track Physical and Digital Materials in Creative Design Practice is to 1) to explore the potentials of integrating multiple digital devices and physical materials in a shared environment to support individual and collaborative creativity, 2) to develop the theoretical foundation for generative design materials, including, but not limited to, creativity constraints, emergence of design ideas, and creative methods in design processes.

Research questions include, but are not limited to:

  • What kind of software infrastructure can handle a dynamic mix of personal and shared devices?
  • How can we conceptualize the emergence and transformation of design ideas across devices in creative design processes?
  • How can generative design materials, digital as well as physical, spur ideation and create momentum in a creative process?
  • How can creativity methods be supported and augmented by digital tools and materials?
  • What is the nature of creativity constraints in generative design materials and how can they be balanced and managed in a creative process?